Hygiene concept gastronomy

Eat without worry

Delicious food with friends, a cozy evening in the beer garden or just a small birthday party with the family. None of this was possible in the Corona times.

But what if you demonstrably minimized the risk of infection? Does a well thought-out hygiene concept help to protect the guest and your own staff? We think so! An individually planned concept with the right technology can help.

For large and unmanageable guest rooms and entrance situations, it can be checked in advance whether the guest is wearing a mask. The temperature of the visitors can be measured before entering the restaurant. The disinfection of the palms can also be monitored and logged.

Block certain areas of the guest room when the maximum number of people is reached. Obtain the necessary hygiene material from us! Masks, disinfectants, gloves, face visors. You are getting everything out of one hand with us!