Go shopping without worries

All areas of retail are allowed to reopen despite Corona, but must adhere to strict guidelines to keep the risk of infection as low as possible. Only a certain number of people are allowed into the building at the same time. Distances must be observed. A face mask must be worn. In some cases, hands have to be disinfected before access.

The implementation usually looks like that external personnel are placed in front of the entrances to check. This is not only expensive, but also prone to errors. This can be done differently with a comprehensive hygiene concept combined with the latest technology!

  • Automatic temperature and mask control at the entrance
  • Monitoring of the maximum number of people in the building
  • Kamerabasierte Überwachung von „Pulkbildung“ an kritischen Stellen (Kasse, Fleisch- Käse Theke, Angebotsregale)
  • Access monitoring paired with hand disinfection
  • Comprehensive logging guarantees traceability at all times

But what do you do with this technology outside of pandemic times? Due to the modular structure, the camera technology can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Zutrittskontrolle an Personal- und Lagereingängen mittels biometrischer Gesichtserkennung
  • Evaluation of visitor behavior in the building (marketing evaluations)
  • Uvw

We don’t just offer you planning and technology. MODI Health Protect is your all-round partner when it comes to hygiene.

Plan a comprehensive concept today and be prepared!